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Want Quartz Countertops To Last Longer? Consider These Tips

Most property owners who install quartz countertops prefer this material because of its durability. The countertops are also a practical addition to a home since they are stylish. But as durable and stylish as they are, these countertops require proper care over the years. 

So, if you have installed kitchen quartz countertops, you will need to learn how to maintain them so they can last longer. This post will share tips on how to look after a quartz kitchen surface.

Clean the Surface Gently

Countertop surfaces need to be washed regularly to maintain sanitation in the kitchen. If you have quartz countertops, you can wipe them down using a damp cloth. Sometimes you may dip the cloth in a mild soapy water solution to eliminate the excess dirt or stains. Then, dry the area with a microfiber cloth for that full shine. This daily wash will prevent stains and ensure the counters are grime and dust free. 

Never Scratch the Countertop Surface

When you have clean countertops, you might be tempted to prepare your meals on the surface. After all, you'll clean the surface once the task is done. Besides, the countertop is tough, so you expect it to withstand the cuts. 

The truth is that quartz surfaces are scratch resistant, but that doesn't mean they are scratch-proof. It would be best to use cutting boards when preparing food, so you don't scratch the surface with sharp knives. This way, the surface won't be vulnerable to staining and will retain its smooth shine for longer.

Clear Spills Quickly

Sometimes, you can accidentally spill food or a drink on your quartz countertops. Maybe you were taking juice while preparing a meal or using an acidic liquid like vinegar and it spills. If you allow spilled drinks to sit on the quartz surface for too long, they will seep through the undetected scratches or holes and stain the stone. 

It is better to clear all tea, juice, wine, vinegar, and soda spills immediately. Liquids like these are corrosive and will stain any surface. Use a dry microfiber cloth to absorb every drop of the content.

Don't Put Hot Items on the Surface

Quartz may be a heat-resistant stone, but that doesn't mean you can place hot items on the surface. The smooth polish isn't as strong as the underneath stone. For this reason, use a hot pad to protect the countertop finish. Also, drastic temperature changes can split the stone slab, so use a pad always. This way, your countertop surface will look remarkable for many years.

For more information on quartz countertops, contact a company near you.