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Pole Building Services You'll Need For Indoor Farming

If you've been thinking of growing a garden for your own food or selling food as a side income, consider the benefits of growing your plants indoors in a pole barn. Growing in a pole barn allows you to garden all seasons of the year since you can control the temperature and light. Plus, your plants will be protected from animals, hail, and vandals.

A pole barn is perfect for growing all kinds of plants, even if you're going to start a hydroponics farm. You'll need the help of a pole-building company to design the ideal building for your needs. Here are some things to talk to the pole-building contractor about.

Having Wide Open Space

A pole building is not the same as a traditional building when it comes to building style. Pole buildings are built so the inside of the building can be one large open space if you desire. However, if you want the space divided into rooms, the contractor can do that too.

If you'll be farming on shelves or in hydroponic rows, you may want all of your plants in one open room so you can control the temperature and lighting uniformly, and so the plants are easy to care for. You can store supplies along the exterior walls, build a storage room, or even put an attic in the building so your supplies are out of the way until you need them.

One of the pole building services you'll get is the ability to design the inside of the building just the way you need it so you can fit tall and large equipment inside if you need to.

Installing Plumbing And Electricity

You'll need both plumbing and electricity for an indoor pole barn farm. You may need to work out the dimensions of your building and how you'll place the shelves, hydroponic systems, raised beds, and other growing spaces first. Then, you'll know where you'll need outlets and spigots.

The pole building company can use this information to create the plans for your building that include adding plumbing pipes, drains, electrical outlets, switches, and grow lights. The plans may also need to include the installation of a heat pump or other type of climate control system.

Choosing Insulation

Your pole building needs insulation no matter what you intend to do with it, but when you'll be growing microgreens in the winter, you'll want adequate insulation to protect your crops and control your heating bills. Your pole building service can figure out the best way to insulate your building using fiberglass batt insulation, foam, or foam boards.

Pole barns have columns that are several feet apart rather than studs that are several inches apart. The span of wall that holds insulation is wider and with fewer breaks. This can result in improved insulation quality no matter what type of insulation is chosen.

In addition to insulating walls, the contractor may want to insulate the concrete slab and put down a vapor barrier. All this planning has to be done before work begins on building the pole barn so work goes quickly and efficiently once construction begins.

Reach out to a company like Hammer Time Construction LLC to learn more about pole-building services.