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Is It Time to Paint Your Electrical Substation?

If your electrical substation shows advanced signs of corrosion and other problems, you may want to paint it soon. Substations play critical roles in how well industrial plants and other entities generate, transmit, and distribute electrical power. If your substation fails due to corrosion, it may disrupt power throughout your plant. Learn how electrical substations corrode and how paint can protect your substation below.

Why Did Your Substation Corrode?

Most substations contain galvanized steel or another strong metal in them. Although galvanized steel keeps substations and their components safe during operation, moisture and other environmental changes can break down the zinc coating covering the metal and corrode it over time. A corroded electrical substation will lose its ability to generate, transmit, and distribute electrical currents through your equipment and/or plant. If your substation fails, it can cause a chain reaction of issues throughout your plant. 

If your substation's galvanized steel housing contains large amounts of corrosion, call an industrial painting contractor today. If you cover or coat your substation with the right paint, you can save it and prevent unnecessary problems with your plant. 

How Can Paint Save Your Substation?

A contractor will need to inspect the entire substation before they paint it. Electrical substations contain many different parts and components, including transformers, protection equipment, and control equipment. The parts must be in good condition to generate, transmit, and distribute electrical currents through the substation. If the parts contain large amounts of corrosion as well, a contractor may need to use special paint to save them.

After a contractor completes the inspection of your equipment, they'll choose the right paint to use on them. You must use paint that not only covers or coats the steel material of your substation but is also durable enough to last for many years to come. In this case, a contractor may use zinc-based paint to complete the job.

A contractor must also use the right painting technique to coat your equipment. One of the techniques many companies use today is flow coating. The flow coating technique allows a contractor to cover the entire surface of your substation with thick layers of paint, including the transformers and other parts inside it. Techniques such as spray painting and manual painting may not provide the coverage your corroded substation needs to work properly.

A contractor will allow your substation sufficient time to dry. Your substation should function properly after the paint dries. 

If you need immediate services to paint your corroded substation, contact an industrial substation painting contractor today.