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5 Planning Tips To Create A Kid-Safe Fireplace

A fireplace is a great addition to many homes. It provides warmth and a pleasing light while also making rooms cozy and welcoming. But if you have kids, is it safe to install a fireplace? The answer is yes, but with some additional steps to make it safe and secure. Here are a few things you can do while planning for your new fireplace. 

1. Raise It Higher.

Modern fireplaces offer a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit any family's home life. If you worry about your kids getting into the fire or falling on the hearth and surround, look for a fireplace that removes obstacles. Compact, built-in electric units can be installed higher up than traditional fireplaces, and they even recess straight into the wall to reduce dangers. 

2. Include Storage.

The fire itself isn't the only danger for little ones. Fireplace tools and wood can be hazardous and enticing to little kids. Make yours safer by including built-in storage for these materials where they can be kept out of reach and sight of children.  

3. Make It Spacious.

Leave extra room around the fireplace for safety features with kids in mind. One of the best safety elements is a child-proof gate installed completely around the fireplace — hearth, surround, and all. This protective indoor fencing keeps kids away from both fire and any dangerous brick or stone surfaces. But you'll need to plan for extra space in order to install it at the right distance. 

4. Keep It Low Maintenance.

The less work you must do to keep the fireplace in good condition, the safer it is for everyone. Gas and electric units often require less ventilation, even removing the need for a chimney. And if you look for one that burns as cleanly as possible, you won't have debris and sparks that reach out to kids. 

5. Install in the Right Place.

Where do you want to install the fireplace? Parents should opt for a location in which the fire can always be under adult supervision. The family room or living room, for instance, is a public area where people congregate and can attend to the fire. Avoid rooms where it's more likely that everyone will leave the fireplace unattended when kids are around. 

Where to Start

Want more tips to create a safe and comfortable fireplace no matter how young your kids are? Start by meeting with a fireplace contractor in your area today. With these tips and their recommendations, you'll soon have the perfect location and the perfect fireplace style for your home. 

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